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Beyond a Call to Action

Introduction This paper is intended as a critique and development of morality in literature, seeking to prove that literature can have deep effects on a reader’s moral character. The stakes for such research are rather high: especially during the pandemic, our culture is heavily informed by social and mass media, and it is hard to imagine a good future for the world if these mediums cannot shake the status quo. Though this paper takes a narrower scope of investigation than moral progress itself, the reader should keep in mind that all of our practices of communication can and should be informed by literary tradition, among other practices.

Specific Sentences

A (final draft) render of my Phil. of Law final paper. Abstract In this essay, I will present a criminal sentencing framework that goes beyond our current system where the judge only decides the duration of imprisonment. I will argue that sentences should specify access to counseling services, family visits, and reentry programs as well as the duration of imprisonment. I will first explain the way sentencing works right now from a historical and systematic perspective, then explain the important aspects that it leaves ambiguous. I will argue why these conditions are important according to some relevant theories of punishment, and also consider some alternative solutions.